Fruit Machine Cheats

Fruit machine cheats tipsThere is a common myth that online fruit machines can be outsmarted because of their technology. In reality, online fruit machines are a lot more advanced than regular fruit machines at land casinos. The online fruit machines use a video technology to operate the system, along with an independent payout set up for each game.

Winning spins and numbers on fruit machines are generated through random number generators. These RNG systems use advanced algorithms to select a digit for each spin. There are infinite combinations of numbers that could be selected, which makes outsmarting the fruit machine almost impossible.

However, players can improve their ability to succeed at fruit machines by paying attention to how each game operates. Every type of fruit machine has a different RNG, which means it will operate in a unique manner. If a player spends enough time playing one type of fruit machine game, they may begin to understand the pattern of generated numbers.

Fruit Machine Strategies

fruit machine strategyOne advantage to playing online fruit machine games is the ability to look at their payout schedules. With land-based fruit machines, casinos rarely reveal details about how much a machine pays out. With online games, this information is readily available.

Instead of focusing on how much a fruit machine paid out, players should focus on the range of these payouts. Most fruit machine data will be provided in relation to the line bet. For example, a fruit machine could be paying out 10x the line bet 20% of the time.

Players should spend most of their time playing fruit machine games that have solid, mid-range payouts. For example, a slot machine that pays out a lot of 1x bets and a few 10,000x jackpots is not going to be profitable for most players. In contrast, a game that offers a lot of 100x or 200x payouts will allow players to maintain a solid bank balance while chasing the major jackpot.

Tips for Playing Fruit Machines

Fruit machine cheats guideWith so many different types of online fruit machines to choose from, players have to do their research. Choose fruit machine games that have favourable payout rates and percentages. Secondly, take a look at the features for said fruit machine game.

Many fruit machine games offer bonus rounds, wilds, multipliers to increase winnings, and free spins to allow for more gameplay. A fruit machine with more bonus offers will allow you to play longer, which increases the possibility of winning big.

The variance of a fruit machine depends on the type of payouts it generates. A fruit machine that offers plenty of smaller payouts is considered low variance. Fruit machines where wins are fewer but much larger are considered high variance.

It is also important for players to sign up with multiple online casinos. If a player has accounts with three online casinos, they can sample different types of fruit machine games, get access to deposit bonuses and weekly promotions at these casinos, and take advantage of tournaments or progressive jackpots.