Bits ‘n’ Bobs of Online Fruit Machines

Online fruit machinesOnline fruit machines can be the dog’s bollocks due to the advantages of playing them online rather than at local pubs, amusement arcades or clubs.

• The percentages of payout of online fruit machines are higher than at the pubs.
• Jackpots are also higher with online fruit machines.
• You don’t have to wait in a line as you often have to at pubs where the fruit machines are few in number. Online you can play anytime with no waiting.
• You won’t get fagged with the jamming of the machine by coins since you play with credits online.
• Online fruit machines offer many different themes, and pub machines offer only a limited number of themes.
• The graphics of the online fruit machines are much more visually spectacular than the pub fruit machines. This makes playing fruit machines online more entertaining.

How to Choose Slot Machines

classic slotsIf fun is what you want when playing fruit machines, what type of fruit machine you play doesn’t matter. Whether the games are progressive, classic or bonus, you will be gobsmacked and with a little luck get a few quid out of the machines. Nevertheless, there are a few different types of online fruit machines to choose.

Progressive Online Fruit Machines – If you’re a high roller, progressive fruit machines are for you. Playing progressive machines requires more money, and bets are often higher. Why is this so? Only with a high bet do you have a chance to hit the jackpot. Be careful! A high bet means a high risk. Progressive machines increasingly build up to the amount of the jackpot using a specific percentage of your bets.
Classic Fruit Machines – Classic machines are bee’s knees. You can have lots of wicked fun without the need of a big bankroll or high budget. You can still play to win with a small investment. On the other hand, the winnings are expectedly lower than at a progressive machine.

The real-life casino’s “one-armed-bandit” mode is reflected in online classic fruit machine games. To play you spin three or five reels, and often the symbols are fruit, bells, lucky 7s or BARs. Although they may be nostalgic to you, they are as technologically advanced as all the other online casino games.

An extensive variety of line slots are offered by online casinos. They may have just one line, three, four, five, nine, ten or even one hundred lines. The more lines an online machine has, the greater is the number of the chances you have to win. In addition, online casino machines offer numerous features such as bonus games, free spins, scatters and expending wilds.

Is It Legal to Play Online Fruit Machines in the UK?

uk gambling commissionThe Gambling Commission regulates all gambling in the United Kingdom. Know your onions about the latest UK online casino gambling laws. 2014 has been a year of major changes of the online gambling laws. If you live in the UK, you should be familiar with these changes. You may have already found that some of your online casino accounts were moved to another online casino or even closed. These changes are a result of the Gambling Licensing and Advertising Act that was passed into law in May, 2014. This law states that all online casinos must have a UK gambling licence in order to advertise or supply UK players with gambling or casino games of any type. In order to obtain a UK gambling licence, remote gambling and software must meet explicit technical standards and security requirements.

You should always check that the casinos you are planning to join or play at have a UK gambling licence. This will guarantee you never come across any gambling problems and the resolution service of the UK Gambling Commission is available to you.

What Software Types are the Best?

Online fruit machines microgamingMicrogaming Software: Microgaming is both a prominent supplier of gambling software and one of the most well-known names in the online slots industry. Tomb Raider, Thunderstruck and Soccer Safari are currently the most popular Microgaming slot games. What most likely makes these games popular is their huge jackpot amounting to as much as six million dollars for a single spin.

csCryptologic Software: Cryptologic is known to be one of the most respected names and a pioneer in online gaming development. Their Marvel Slots have been a major reason for the success of Cryptologic. Besides the superhero notoriety, Cryptologic’s popularity has grown because of the addition of a progressive jackpot network that includes The Incredible Hulk fruit machine. Cryptologic offers over 280 casino games.

ptPlaytech Software: Playtech is at the forefront of online video slot machines. Three of their most popular slot games are the exciting movie-themed games that include The Incredible Hulk, Gladiator Slot and Iron Man. Currently, Playtech offers approximately one hundred slot games in many Playtech online casinos.